Bernard Cazeneuve

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Seguridad europea

La covid-19 ha vuelto a demostrar la necesidad de más cooperación entre los miembros de la UE en tiempos de crisis. También ha puesto de manifiesto la capacidad europea de cooperar y elaborar una respuesta común pese a nuestras diferencias. Así como la crisis financiera obligó al BCE a convertirse en prestamista de último recurso, la recesión causada por la epidemia ha empujado a los Estados a aprobar un plan de recuperación por valor de 750.000 millones de euros, a pesar de la resistencia histórica de algunos países. Lo mismo ocurre con la defensa europea: tarde o temprano, el aumento de las amenazas estratégicas obligará a los europeos a tomar las riendas de su seguridad.…  Seguir leyendo »

‘France and the UK have embarked on an ambitious programme of operational, industrial and nuclear cooperation – with many successes.’ A French soldier and British paratroopers in Macedonia. Photograph: Srdjan Ilic/AP

With the clock ticking and 29 March 2019 approaching ever closer, Brexit negotiations are entering their final, frantic stage. While the EU27 and Britain continue to disagree over the backstop in Northern Ireland, political disagreement within the UK has become the status quo. Amid all this, a crucial alliance at the heart of Europe is coming under increasing pressure.

The Franco-British alliance on defence and security has never been so valuable, as the threats we face are getting stronger: Islamist-inspired terrorism, Russia’s destabilising actions, state fragility in North Africa and the Middle East. All of this at a time when a new US foreign policy is heralding a world in which Europe will have to rely more on its own forces to defend itself.…  Seguir leyendo »

Les progrès législatifs récemment accomplis en France et en Europe pour lutter contre la corruption méritent d’être confortés. Alors que le Foreign Corruption Practices Act (FCPA) s’applique dans toute sa rigueur aux Etats-Unis depuis 1977, il aura fallu attendre 1997 pour que, dans le cadre de l’Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques (OCDE), soit adoptée la Convention sur la lutte contre la corruption d’agents publics étrangers dans les transactions commerciales internationales, et 2005, pour que l’ONU publie la Convention des Nations unies contre la corruption.

Ce n’est que vingt ans plus tard que la loi Sapin 2 a été adoptée par le parlement français, avec la volonté d’appliquer dans notre pays les meilleurs standards internationaux de la lutte contre la corruption.…  Seguir leyendo »

Last week, we saw very starkly the desperate measures some migrants will take to try to cross the 20-mile stretch of sea between our two countries. As the extra security fencing the British Government has provided for the Channel Tunnel at Coquelles goes up, would-be migrants have been taking ever more dangerous risks – resulting in serious injuries and, tragically, deaths.

We are both clear: tackling this situation is the top priority for the UK and French governments. We are committed and determined to solve this, and to solve it together.

While the situation last week was particularly acute, the pressures in Calais are not new.…  Seguir leyendo »

Few democratic societies are as rich in populations of diverse origins as France’s. This is one of the many traits France shares with the United States. Both are countries of immigrants where citizenship is universal and does not depend on one’s ethnic or religious origins.

In that mix of populations, a rich Jewish culture has always been a key component of France’s fabric. During the French Revolution, France was the first European country to grant Jews full citizenship. The Jewish community in France, at half a million, is the world’s third largest, after those in Israel and the United States. And it is thriving, with a lively social and communal life and many citizens of Jewish background contributing to French arts, science and politics.…  Seguir leyendo »