Bert Ingelaere

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People listen to Jan Egeland, then-U.N. undersecretary-general of humanitarian affairs, at Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Congo, in 2006. A U.N. official in 2010 called Congo “the rape capital of the world.” (Reuters)

Over the past decade, sexual violence during conflict has gotten a lot of attention from researchers, advocates and journalists. Until now, researchers have largely concentrated on either examining why fighters commit sexual violence during war or how conflict-driven sexual violence affects its victims. Here’s what we’ve missed until now: How do rebels think about sexual violence?

That’s what we asked former rebels in Congo, where the complex and long-standing conflicts have become infamous for the intensity of sexual violence. In 2010, one U.N. representative called Congo the “rape capital of the world”. News media have commented on its “rape epidemic”.

Here’s how we did our research

A few studies have looked at the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) involved in sexual violence, but little is known about rebels or foreign combatants.…  Seguir leyendo »

Supporters of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda at a political rally in the Burera district of Rwanda this week. Credit Clement Uwiringiyimana/Reuters

There is an election in Rwanda on Friday, but its outcome already is nearly certain: President Paul Kagame will win a third seven-year term. Elections there are not a contest for power. They are the ritual confirmation of the power in place.

Mr. Kagame generally wins by margins that would make a dictator proud: In 2010, he scored some 93 percent of the vote. He is the only ruler most Rwandans born since the 1994 genocide know. The Rwandans who remember leaders before him have reason to wonder if they will ever see another: The state’s mighty security apparatus is quietly eloquent, with all those soldiers and police officers routinely patrolling both city streets and the countryside.…  Seguir leyendo »