Berta Valle

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Juan Sebastián Chamorro, left, and Félix Maradiaga, right. (INTI OCON/Photos by AFP via Getty Images a)

Today marks 23 days since our husbands, Nicaraguan presidential candidates Félix Maradiaga and Juan Sebastián Chamorro, were arrested and disappeared by Daniel Ortega’s regime. Since June 8, they have not had any contact with their families or lawyers, and we worry constantly for their safety, health and well-being. Our days are balanced by hope and despair. The arrests of our husbands are just two in a broad campaign by Ortega to crush any opposition to his rule before the presidential elections in November: Five presidential candidates are among the at least 16 opposition leaders who have been jailed.

Ortega has tightened his iron grip on power to ensure that no credible candidate can oppose him.…  Seguir leyendo »