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La líder que necesita la OMC

En momentos de intensas presiones para el sistema mundial de comercio, es vital la cooperación internacional para fortalecer un orden basado en reglas. Hoy, tal vez más que nunca, necesitamos una Organización Mundial del Comercio que dé apoyo a la recuperación económica, defienda el multilateralismo, recree la confianza y esté a la altura de los desafíos del siglo XXI planteados por la pobreza, la desigualdad, el cambio climático y (más en lo inmediato) la pandemia de COVID‑19.

Escribimos como representantes de organizaciones no gubernamentales, filántropos y dirigentes empresariales, unidos en la convicción de que Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala es la persona mejor preparada para guiar la OMC hacia una nueva era crucial.…  Seguir leyendo »

Un groupe de rock est au meilleur de son art lorsqu’il transgresse les limites de ce que l’on considère être le bon goût, lorsqu’il choque et qu’il crée la surprise. C’est dans cet élan que U2 entame sa tournée européenne cette semaine à Berlin, avant de retrouver Paris, début septembre. Nous avons décidé de réveiller les consciences et de réaffirmer une idée ambitieuse à laquelle nous croyons : notre Europe. Pendant le concert, nous déploierons un grand drapeau bleu vif, celui de l’Union européenne (UE).

Je me mets à la place du public qui vient assister à un concert de rock : voir un drapeau européen s’agiter devant ses yeux doit sembler perturbant ou même ennuyeux, au mieux s’apparenter à une référence un peu kitsch au concours de l’Eurovision.…  Seguir leyendo »

A Jordanian soldier carried a child newly arrived at the Rukban camp in September. Raad Adayleh/Associated Press

Today we traveled along the Syrian border to a security checkpoint with King Abdullah II and some of his military advisers. Jordan has many borders, all potentially porous: 365 kilometers (about 227 miles) facing Syria, 180 kilometers (about 110 miles) facing Iraq, and the rest facing Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Palestinian territories. Their vulnerabilities are clear and visible from the air. But the Jordanian military is vigilant, using very sophisticated surveillance equipment and poring over digital video feeds in real time to spot problems.

There are constantly, even now, people who make a break from Syria to the safety of Jordan only to find they are being shot at by their own troops.…  Seguir leyendo »

Time to Think Bigger About the Refugee Crisis

I’ve recently returned from the Middle East and East Africa, where I visited a number of refugee camps — car parks of humanity. I went as an activist and as a European. Because Europeans have come to realize — quite painfully in the past year or two — that the mass exodus from collapsed countries like Syria is not just a Middle Eastern or African problem, it’s a European problem. It’s an American one, too. It affects us all.

My countryman Peter Sutherland, a senior United Nations official for international migration, has made clear that we’re living through the worst crisis of forced displacement since World War II.…  Seguir leyendo »

I’ll tell you the worst part about it, for me.

It was the look in their eyes when the nurses gave them the diagnosis — H.I.V.-positive — then said there was no treatment. I saw no anger in their expression. No protest. If anything, just a sort of acquiescence.

The anger came from the nurses, who knew there really was a treatment — just not for poor people in poor countries. They saw the absurdity in the fact that an accident of geography would deny their patients the two little pills a day that could save their lives.

This was less than a decade ago.…  Seguir leyendo »

I spent March with a delegation of activists, entrepreneurs and policy wonks roaming western, southern and eastern Africa trying very hard to listen — always hard for a big-mouthed Irishman. With duct tape over my gob, I was able to pick up some interesting melody lines everywhere from palace to pavement ...

Despite the almost deafening roar of excitement about Africa’s hosting of soccer’s World Cup this summer, we managed to hear a surprising thing. Harmony ... flowing from two sides that in the past have often been discordant: Africa’s emerging entrepreneurial class and its civil-society activists.

It’s no secret that lefty campaigners can be cranky about business elites.…  Seguir leyendo »