Brandon Kendhammer

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Women and children prepare to flee with their belongings near the Central African Republic town of Grimari on May 7, 2014. (Siegfried Modola/Reuters)

How many of today’s problems in the Global South are a direct legacy of colonialism? A recent journal article by Bruce Gilley,  “The Case for Colonialism,” kicked up great controversy by arguing that the “orthodoxy” that Western colonialism was universally harmful to colonized peoples and countries is overstated. Colonialism, Gilley writes, was “both objectively beneficial and subjectively legitimate” in many places.

Gilley, a political scientist at Portland State University, studies Chinese politics and recently made waves for resigning his membership in the American Political Science Association over its alleged lack of political diversity. His article in Third World Quarterly, however, ignores many existing studies that answer these questions with better data and more rigorous analysis, and which come to a resounding conclusion of “no.”…  Seguir leyendo »