Brendan Brady

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Peter Klashorst says it was just another regular day of heat, hawkers and honking in Cambodia’s capital when his walking paintings caused a stir on the street.

Portraits more than six and a half feet high and nearly four feet wide floated by — the large canvases cloaking the men carrying them — leaving pedestrians befuddled and even distressed.

The Dutch artist thinks some people recognized the iconic faces he had rendered: Those of prisoners tortured in the Khmer Rouge’s infamous S-21 prison. Memories of this death machine and its victims remain among the most indelible images of Cambodia’s nightmare revolution in the late 1970s, in which an estimated 1.7 million people perished.…  Seguir leyendo »

In frontier lands, religious conversion must be the domain of fiery preachers — purveyors of divine wrath who menace those of little faith with warnings of perdition — or of austere missionaries who embrace a punishing lifestyle to inspire the unenlightened. At least, so went the image in my mind.

But Sman Sleh, the province’s imam, was neither. He had soft features and an affable demeanor; he lived comfortably, though not conspicuously so. He moved to this dusty provincial capital several years ago from the country’s Muslim-minority heartland a couple of provinces over, in Kampong Cham. A successful meeting with him, I was told, would ensure me access to the region’s small, reclusive Muslim community.…  Seguir leyendo »