Brian Howard

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A girl carries a bucket of clean water in Pikine near Dakar, Senegal, on March 9. (Zohra Bensemra/Reuters)

The best protection against coronavirus and other infectious diseases is frequent handwashing, the experts say. Simple enough — if you have water.

But as we observe World Water Day on March 22 during a coronavirus pandemic, millions of Africans still lack access to running water. Things don’t seem to be getting better.

Based on more than 45,800 face-to-face interviews in 34 African countries between late 2016 and late 2018, Afrobarometer found a majority of Africans see their governments as failing them when it comes to the provision of clean water and sanitation services.

About half (49 percent) of respondents said they went without enough clean water for home use at least once during the previous year.…  Seguir leyendo »