Bruce Lawlor

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Illustration on the dangers in failing to identify Islamist terrorism as such by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

The president’s “strategy” to defeat ISIS has five major parts: 1) support an international coalition to degrade and destroy it, 2) pursue ISIS leadership and safe havens, 3) secure the homeland, 4) expand humanitarian support and 5) solve diplomatic conflicts that feed terrorism. The list drives much effort, but it’s not a strategy because it fails to attack the political and social objectives that motivate ISIS fighters. Arguing about whether or not it’s a strategy is meaningless because whatever it is, the CIA says it isn’t working.

One reason it’s failing is because the president and Hillary Clinton refuse to identify Islamist terrorists as the nation’s main enemy.…  Seguir leyendo »

Europe’s sentinels have gone home

Josef Stalin, when asked in 1935 whether he could do anything with Russian Catholics to help win favor with the pope against the increasing Nazi threat, famously responded: “How many divisions has he got?” Almost 80 years later, his successor, Vladimir Putin, busy with his aggression in Ukraine and listening to the outcry from European leaders, faces the same question. Unfortunately for Ukraine and for the United States, Europe today is much like the pope was in 1935, with little military power, and what there is doesn’t work very well.

Europe’s politicians, obsessed with expanding the rolls of their welfare states, focused on public assistance programs rather than their own security, content to rely on U.S.…  Seguir leyendo »