Camilla Cavendish

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Biting the hand that feeds the world doesn't seem like a great strategy. But at the United Nations, it's normal. Last year, in a masterstroke, the UN General Assembly put Zimbabwe in charge of Sustainable Development. Yesterday, the world leaders who gathered at the UN in New York found a new excuse to rage against America, the world's biggest aid donor, for having the cheek to try to save the West from recession.

“Using the bailouts of the international banking system,” the Chilean President said, “the scourge of hunger on the planet could have easily been eliminated.” She moved straight on to complain that “financial instability is threatening to generate a worldwide recession in which, as always, those most affected will be the world's poorest”.…  Seguir leyendo »

Sorry, Africa, but I need your next meal to run my pick-up down to the mall. Just shove your corn in my tank, will you? This thing only does 20 miles to the gallon. Don't blame me, blame all those middle-class Indians and Chinese who want to live like us. They're the reason food prices are rising. What, you're hungry? Can't you call the UN?

The moral dimensions to food and energy prices, and the links between them, are becoming inescapable. There is huge resentment about biofuels at this week's World Food Summit, even though prosperity is the main reason for higher food prices.…  Seguir leyendo »

Tonight, Europe’s leaders will be picking over some Euro-trivia along with their hors d’oeuvres. The Austrians are worried that Germany might nick their medical students. The Poles want an extra court official on the European Court of Justice. The Bulgarians want to use the word “evro” instead of “euro” – which has upset the European Central Bank. These are, apparently, the last stumbling blocks to agreement on the draft EU treaty.

No one at this dinner will be asking why what was intended to be a free trading zone is steadily granting itself the power to legislate in almost every area of national life.…  Seguir leyendo »