Carl Mortished

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The Chinese once rode to work on bicycles. Millions of pedalling commuters in Chinese cities would, decades ago, crowd out ancient lorries and limousines carrying Communist Party officials. The choice of two wheels wasn’t a fashion for Lycra-clad ethically green mobility. It was poverty. Given the choice, today’s Chinese commuters would rather burn petrol while seated in air-conditioned cars than inhale the foul fumes of China’s cities, while burning body fat.

The Chinese need to get back on their bikes. Not back-pedalling to a bleak past of rural poverty and backyard steel mills but a great leap forward. It must leapfrog from a neo-Victorian world of metal-bashing heavy industry to a low-intensity, low-carbon world of electric vehicles, wind turbines, light industry, organic farming and bicycles.…  Seguir leyendo »

Arrogant and rich, Victorian Britons were once the ugly face of world tourism. In the 20th century, the crown of shame passed to America. Yanks in slacks became objects of scorn and ridicule from the Louvre to the Uffizi. Debt and the shrinking dollar have upset America’s claim to the title of world’s most despised foreign visitor. A new aspirant has taken up the challenge of bringing sartorial shame to the world’s fleshpots. From Bondi Beach to Phuket, the Chinese tourist is making waves.

Taiwan turned up its nose last year when mainland Chinese arrived after six decades of travel bans.…  Seguir leyendo »