Carl Safina

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"La historia de Lolita me recordó a mí misma", dice la actriz y cantante afroamericana, Robbyne Kaamil. "Mis propios familiares, mis ancestros familiares, fueron capturados y obligados a ser esclavos".

Lolita es una orca, una llamada ballena asesina, que fue capturada en aguas frente al estado de Washington en 1970. Kaamil, quien percibe evidentes paralelos entre la vida de Lolita en cautiverio a cambio de ganancias y el comercio de esclavos, se inspiró para grabar "Let The Girl Go: Free Lolita", un audaz video musical acerca de Lolita, y una valiente entrevista sobre los paralelos del cautiverio entre esclavos humanos y las orcas que se presentan en espectáculos.…  Seguir leyendo »

On Monday the World Court in the Hague ruled that Japan's "scientific" whale-hunting was baloney. It ordered Japan to revoke its "scientific research" permits to all its ships, effectively tying Japan's fleet to the dock and silencing the cannons and exploding bombs that are the way whales die nowadays.

Japan says it will abide. I wish it would take this opportunity to bow gracefully out of something so dishonest and unfit for modernity. But I expect a fragile truce, and only a partial one.

That's because Japan has a history of creatively bending the rules beyond the breaking point of international intent.…  Seguir leyendo »

The call comes in camp at Sunday breakfast. David Daballen answers it, walking from the table as he talks. David works for Save the Elephants here in Kenya. Moments later he returns, announcing, “Another elephant just discovered killed, right across the river in Buffalo Springs, right inside the reserve, right off the road.”

That’s shocking. No elephant has till now been killed so deep inside the reserve, so near tourist lodges. “It’s never been worse,” David says. “We’re going in the wrong direction.”

Surging demand for ivory in China has been well publicized. But the publicity has overlooked the cause: The same international body that enacted a 1990 global ivory ban allowed China in 2008 to import ivory.…  Seguir leyendo »