Carolina Cepeda

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Bolivia’s rural Chaparé region has pushed back against neoliberal policies using democratic practice. Danilo Balderrama/Reuters

Worldwide, it has been a rough year for democracy. Citizens in the UK, the United States and Colombia made critical decisions about their nations’ future, and – at least from the perspective of liberal values and social justice – they decided poorly.

Beyond the clear persistence of racism, sexism and xenophobia in people’s decision-making, scholars and pundits have argued that to understand the results of recent popular votes, we must reflect on neoliberalism.

International capitalism, which has dominated the globe for the past three decades, has its winners and its losers. And, for many thinkers, the losers have spoken.

Challenging neoliberalism

There’s something to the analysis that right-wing populism is a response to the failures of globalisation.…  Seguir leyendo »