Carter Eskew

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Political analysts, pollsters and others assess Joe Biden and Sarah Palin's debate. Here are contributions from: Robert Shrum, Lisa Schiffren, Douglas E. Schoen, Heather Higgins, Ed Rogers, Carter Eskew, Greg Mueller and Jeremy Lott.

Robert Shrum, senior adviser to the Gore and Kerry presidential campaigns; fellow at NYU's Wagner School of Public Service.

Sarah Palin, tripping over her tongue in recent weeks, created record-low expectations for herself -- and a lot of the commentariat treated her survival as a triumph. But as we saw in the polls that hit just as the first round of punditry was ending, voters judge by a different and more serious standard than the hothouse construct of expectations.…  Seguir leyendo »

The Post asked political analysts, pollsters and others what Joe Biden and Sarah Palin need to do in tonight's debate.

Ken Duberstein, White House chief of staff to Ronald Reagan; chairman of the Duberstein Group.

This debate is 90 percent about Sarah Palin and 10 percent about Joe Biden. This is her SAT, not a pop quiz or a "gotcha" exam. Gov. Palin must seize the opportunity to speak compellingly about John McCain's vision on national security and economic policy, not in sound bites but in well-constructed, thoughtful paragraphs. This debate is not a forum for Alaska stories but for a McCain worldview, carefully articulated for the independent voter, not simply for the conservative base.…  Seguir leyendo »