Cathy Tempelsman

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Dead British soldiers lying on a roadside in northern France during World War I. Credit Daily Herald Archive/SSPL, via Getty Images

I was looking forward to seeing Sam Mendes’s film “1917” when it arrived in theaters in December. I have a special interest in the subject — my grandfather fought in World War I, and I’ve done years of research on the events while writing a play about the war.

I can’t argue with Mr. Mendes’s artistry. Visually and technically speaking, “1917”, which is nominated for 10 Academy Awards, is dazzling. The filmmaking team cleverly manages to make the entire movie seem like one long, continuous take, and I, like many viewers, found myself wondering how certain scenes were shot.

The director’s own grandfather inspired him with stories about volunteering to run messages across open, war-ravaged terrain.…  Seguir leyendo »