Chaim Shacham

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Many states have enemies. But not many states have enemies that are dedicated to their total destruction. Unfortunately, the nation-state of the Jewish people has not one, but many such enemies. Hamas is a prime example.

Hamas is a Jihadist terrorist organization now controlling the Gaza Strip. Its founding Charter declares the elimination of Israel through “jihad” (holy war) to be its principal goal. In 2001, Hamas launched its first crude rocket against Israeli civilians. Since then, it has launched more than 14,000 rockets towards Israeli cities — an average of more than three rockets a day over more than a decade.…  Seguir leyendo »

Tehran-sponsored terrorism struck last week, yet again taking the lives of innocents. Although mostly unnoticed by the global public, there has been a growing international wave of coordinated Ayatollah-backed terrorism over the past few months.

The July 18 attack on a tourist bus at the airport in Burgas, a quiet holiday resort in Bulgaria, raised new awareness of this peril. But it was only the latest in a long list of terrorist attacks and attempted attacks against Israeli and other Western targets, carried out by Iran or its proxies.

Six people were murdered in Burgas, five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver.…  Seguir leyendo »