Charles D. Crabtree

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A protester shouts slogans and holds a poster reading “Police, come to the side of people! People will not hurt you!” during an opposition protest on March 15 in Minsk, Belarus. About 3,000 people took part in the protest, local media reported. (Tatyana Zenkovich/European Pressphoto Agency)

In the past month, protests have swept across Belarus, a post-Soviet republic in Eastern Europe. Citizens are outraged by Presidential Decree #3, popularly known as the law against “social parasites.” This 2015 law penalizes part-time or unemployed workers, requiring them to pay an annual tax of approximately $250 — a penalty that helps make up the taxes they would have paid had they held a full-time job.

The protests have been smaller than earlier demonstrations against the regime. But they’re a substantial problem for the long-standing authoritarian president, Alexander Lukashenko — because many of the protesters come from groups and in live cities that typically support him.…  Seguir leyendo »