Charles Falconer

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The 2000 Terrorism Act, which I helped introduce, was not passed with people like David Miranda in mind. The issue then was how to secure lasting peace in Northern Ireland, and the act was designed to make it difficult for Irish dissident terrorists to come to the mainland. Schedule 7 of the act, which has come to public attention this week following Miranda's detention at Heathrow, was retained from earlier legislation on the advice of Lord Lloyd of Berwick. Reviewing the evidence, he had found that the ability of officers to randomly stop and search people who were entering or leaving the country had disrupted terrorist operations.…  Seguir leyendo »

The application of the criminal law to the conduct of governments and their agents will, over time, reduce the commission of heinous war crimes such as genocide, torture, serious breaches of the Geneva conventions and crimes against humanity.

For every Radovan Karadzic who is put on trial there is another homicidal head of state who will realise there are personal consequences if he or she breaches those international criminal standards.

For this approach to work there must be universal jurisdiction – wherever suspects are, even if only as a visitor, the courts of that place must be able try them. And there must be respect that this is a proper criminal process, not simply an opportunity for political stunts.…  Seguir leyendo »

The law should be clear enough for us to know what is and is not lawful. And when it comes to something as personal as the circumstances of our own death, that need for clarity becomes a basic human right.

That in essence was Debbie Purdy’s case, a case that she won yesterday in the House of Lords. The law lords’ judgment finally gets a grip of the situation in which a severely ill person seeks assisted suicide abroad. It should not have taken three years of litigation in various courts for the law lords to accept the simple proposition that a person, in determining how to die, has a right to know what is lawful and what is not; and whether they can be accompanied by their loved one on the way to death.…  Seguir leyendo »

El Partido Laborista del Reino Unido está completamente desunido. Los acontecimientos que han rodeado la remodelación del Gobierno estos últimos días no lo podrían haber ilustrado de un modo más gráfico. Como consecuencia de ello, los británicos nos encontramos debilitados y despistados ante la doble crisis que afecta al país: la económica y la de la absoluta merma de la confianza de la opinión pública en nuestro sistema parlamentario.

Después de lo ocurrido en las elecciones europeas, donde los laboristas sólo hemos obtenido el 15,3% de los votos, mi opinión es que, aun siendo dolorosa, la mejor decisión que podemos tomar los laboristas es cambiar a nuestro actual líder, Gordon Brown, quien ha entregado su vida al Partido Laborista y al servicio público.…  Seguir leyendo »