Chase Foster

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A supporter of Greece’s extreme right party Golden Dawn raises his hand in a Nazi salute during a rally in Athens on Feb.1, 2014. (Yannis Kolesidis/AP)

For more than two decades, European populist parties and politics have been on the rise – boosted by a series of economic crises which commenced in Europe in 2008. In national elections held since 2014, right-wing populists received between a fifth and half of the vote in Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland; left-wing populists have been supported by as much as a quarter of the electorate in Spain and France.

The populist upsurge has been explained as a reaction to many things: economic integration, cultural change, ethnic diversification, a perceived loss of national control over national policies. As we explain below, support for populism is closely related to a loss of confidence in established governments, political parties and politicians.…  Seguir leyendo »