Chika Unigwe

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This week, still reeling from Friday's bloody bombings on the northern city of Kano, Nigeria braces itself for more violence ahead. The bulk of the casualties in the attacks on churches belonged to the Igbo people, and this has already led to retaliatory attacks in parts of south-eastern Nigeria. An Igbo group, Ogbunigwe Ndigbo, gave all northern Muslims in the region two weeks to leave or face their wrath. In Lokpanta, where my mother is from, the Muslim Hausa community – which settled there many years ago – were seen leaving in truckloads.

With the deepening crises it has become normal, not just in the media but among ordinary Nigerians, to argue that the violence is a sectarian or religious matter, an issue of north v south, Muslims v Christians.…  Seguir leyendo »

The exhibition of sculptures from Ife at the British Museum is a tribute to Nigeria's past glory, when the country led the world in artistic achievement. The appetite for this glory has been strong, and the show has been extended for a month. But back home, things do not seem so positive. I have just returned from Lagos, where I saw an old friend who had been a brilliant artist in the 90s, eager to unleash his ambitious projects on the world. He is still ambitious, still brilliant, but he has become practical. These days he is chasing contracts in Abuja, too exhausted to even think of himself as an artist, much less practise his art.…  Seguir leyendo »