Chloe Brett

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Liberians under quarantine last week due to the death of more than 20 residents of their village, Jene Wondi. Photograph: Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA

In their single-room house, in a Monrovia back street, 16-year-old Promise Cooper and her three younger sisters slept beside their father’s corpse for three days. After hearing rumours about her sick father, neighbours had turned away Promise’s pleas for help lest she pass Ebola on to them. Eventually, health officials removed the body, along with the Coopers’ belongings, including their bedding and clothing, and then disinfected the house with chlorine spray. The Cooper girls were left with just the clothes they were wearing and one cup of rice a generous neighbour had nervously prodded towards their door with a stick.

Promise’s story is far from unique – hundreds of stories like this have been created each month in Monrovia since May.…  Seguir leyendo »