Chris Warshaw

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Demonstrators outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where votes are being counted, on Friday in Philadelphia. (Rebecca Blackwell/AP)

As of this writing, with state officials still counting some votes, Joe Biden appears likely to have been elected president, Republicans to have narrowly held the Senate (pending runoff elections in Georgia) and Democrats to have narrowly retained control of the House.

Here are several takeaways for our understanding of U.S. national elections.

Historically high voter turnout

Over two-thirds of eligible voters — nearly 159 million Americans — cast ballots in this election. That’s proportionally the highest voter turnout since at least 1900. Turnout was highest in states that allowed early voting, vote-by-mail, automatic voter registration or election-day registration.

Such high turnout will have long-term effects on voting patterns, even if this level is particular to the 2020 election.…  Seguir leyendo »