Christopher B. Mann

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A sign in English and Spanish directs voters to an early-voting location in Surprise, Ariz., in April 2018. (Anita Snow/AP)

As the United States heads toward the November election, Republican and Democratic candidates will be spending hundreds of millions of dollars courting Latino voters across the country. Latinos voted in record numbers in 2016, mostly against Trump, and are likely to be crucial in 2020.

So what works best at encouraging them to vote?

Here’s what we found in recently published research: English-language mailers work better than bilingual ones at getting Latino voters to the polls, as we’ll explain.

Why does the language matter?

Past research has found that Latinos are mobilized when encouraged to vote in their preferred language. When that’s done through ads on Spanish- or English-language television or radio, it’s easy to match the audience’s language preferences — because the audience has already chosen which language they prefer when they tuned in.…  Seguir leyendo »