Christopher Claassen

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After years of democratic decline and retreat, are citizens now fighting back? In recent weeks, thousands of Czechs have gathered in Prague to defend democratic institutions, and a million or more in Hong Kong have marched to demand a greater say in choosing their government.

Does it matter whether the public actually wants democracy?

Since the time of Plato, political thinkers have argued that a pro-democratic public is necessary for a stable and vital democracy. But others have countered that these opinions are just cheap talk that have little impact on political outcomes.

In new research, forthcoming in the American Journal of Political Science, I examine what 30 years of cross-national survey data can tell us about this debate.…  Seguir leyendo »

Voting signs at the Marie H Reed Recreation Center in Washington, D.C., June 19. (Astrid Riecken For The Washington Post)

Liberal democracy is in crisis. The crisis is not (yet) one of coups d’état and democratic backsliding; democratic institutions have largely held. The crisis is instead one of confidence or legitimacy. As Journal of Democracy editor Marc Plattner puts it, liberal democracy has a “fading allure.”

Indeed, political scientists Roberto Foa and Yascha Mounk show that public support for democracy is declining, especially among younger generations in Western countries. While their thesis has received some pushback, both sides of this debate are looking at data from only a few polls conducted in only a dozen or so countries. If democracy truly has a fading allure, it should be visible across the globe.…  Seguir leyendo »