Claire Cohen

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‘South Korea’s government has given its citizens the gift of youth.’ Hong Suk-min poses with a whiteboard showing his international age (45) and his Korean age (47). Photograph: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

Imagine someone offered you the chance to take a couple of years off your age – no catch, no need to hide your passport or cross your fingers that no one checks up on your LinkedIn claim to have graduated in 2008.

You’d jump at it, wouldn’t you? The people of South Korea certainly have: their government has just given its citizens the gift of youth, making them all a year or two younger overnight.

This is because South Korea is scrapping the eccentric system it previously used to count the age of its population. At birth, a baby was deemed to be one, and then a year was added every 1 January, regardless of their actual birthday.…  Seguir leyendo »