Claire Simmons

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This year, the celebration of Passover coincides with the anniversary of the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw ghetto.

In 1940, Nazi forces herded more than 400,000 Jews, almost 40 percent of Warsaw's population, into an area of only 1.3 square miles; this mass of degraded humanity lived in poverty, surrounded by 10-foot-high walls topped with barbed wire. By the spring of 1943, about 40,000 ghetto residents had perished from starvation or disease.

On April 19, 1943, German troops and police stormed the ghetto to deport its surviving inhabitants to certain, monstrous death in Treblinka. Jewish fighters -- thought to be 750 teenagers and youthful defenders -- held off the German army for almost a month before being overrun.…  Seguir leyendo »