Clara Bicalho

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Cumulative number of confirmed covid-19 cases, through Sept. 6. The shaded areas indicate the time period during which lockdown measures were in place nationwide in Uganda, and statewide in Nigeria. Kenya did not institute lockdowns.

By early September, Africa had recorded more than 1.25 million covid-19 cases. The actual count is probably significantly higher, given low testing volumes in a number of countries. One recent news report details a covid-19 “blind spot” in sub-Saharan Africa, where little data are available, echoing other concerns Africa could become the new epicenter of the pandemic.

When the pandemic spread to the continent, public health officials in Africa drew on their expertise in containing previous outbreaks such as Ebola. Many moved quickly to impose restrictions to contain and mitigate the disease’s spread. But by early May, leaders began lifting the curfews and lockdowns.…  Seguir leyendo »