Cornelia Gräbner

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Day of the disappeared: remembering Mexico’s 43 abducted students

International human rights legislation defines “enforced disappearance” as the action of state agents, or people or groups acting with the state’s authorisation, support, or acquiescence. The immediate perpetrators abduct their victims and take them to clandestine detention sites; the authorities refuse to give information on their whereabouts if they have it, and even protect the perpetrators.

In the 21st century this crime against humanity is still horrifically common, and it’s incumbent on us to grapple with the full reality of it.

Enforced disappearance is identified with governments such as the Nazi state, which first explicitly embraced forced kidnapping in the Night and Fog Decree (1940), as well as the military dictatorships in Guatemala and the Southern Cone, which carried out enforced disappearance on a massive scale from the 1960s to the 1990s.…  Seguir leyendo »