Dame Rosalind Marsden

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Sudanese drivers queue up for fuel in Omdourman as the country's economy sinks into deep crisis following the fall of Omar al-Bashir's regime. Photo by ASHRAF SHAZLY/AFP via Getty Images.

Sudan is in the international spotlight on 17 May at a high-level conference in Paris hosted by President Macron in support of its fledgling democratic transition. This important moment is intended to signal Sudan’s reintegration into the international community, following its removal from the US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism (SST) in 2020. It is also an opportunity for Sudan to rebrand itself and tell the world that it is open for business.

Yet the difficulties of transitioning from authoritarian rule to democracy are enormous. Success ultimately depends on the civilian-led government’s ability to address the continued economic crisis, which has caused widespread daily hardship for millions of Sudanese, as well as hindering sustainable development and the implementation of peace.…  Seguir leyendo »