David Davis

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Le 19 juin, Michel Barnier et moi-même nous sommes rencontrés pour la première session des négociations en vue de la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l’Union européenne (UE). J’ai commencé ces négociations en soulignant que notre première priorité était d’apporter des garanties aux ressortissants européens vivant au Royaume-Uni et aux citoyens britanniques installés dans l’UE.

Je suis heureux de constater que l’UE est également d’accord sur l’importance de cette question. C’est pourquoi, le 26 juin, le Royaume-Uni a publié un document d’orientation exposant en détail notre proposition.

Cette question revêt une importance particulière pour le Royaume-Uni et la France en raison des liens étroits existant entre nos deux pays.…  Seguir leyendo »

One of the problems of western foreign policy is that it suffers from a short attention span. Just as we took our eye off the ball in Afghanistan to deal with Iraq, we are at risk of losing sight of Libya when dealing with problems in the Middle East. As Syrian rebels fight for freedom from Assad’s tyranny, we must not forget that, in the countries where the Arab spring began, the transition from dictatorship to democracy is not complete.

Britain can take great pride in its role in the liberation of Libya. But while Gaddafi has gone, the new government still has much to do.…  Seguir leyendo »

Nato is at risk. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s principal purpose is preserving the peace in Europe. In maintaining that peace it has been arguably the most successful international organisation to date. But as we approach its 60th anniversary in April, its historic effectiveness is now being put in jeopardy.

Defence secretary John Hutton has indicated that he would be willing for a European army to sit alongside Nato. This is not a proposal for new forces, simply a new organisation. By definition it will have different aims, and so will only deplete Nato and undermine its efforts. It would also deplete Britain’s ability to use its national army.…  Seguir leyendo »