David Epstein

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The national furor over concussions misses the primary scourge that is harming kids and damaging youth sports in America.

The heightened pressure on child athletes to be, essentially, adult athletes has fostered an epidemic of hyperspecialization that is both dangerous and counterproductive.

One New York City soccer club proudly advertises its development pipeline for kids under age 6, known as U6. The coach-picked stars, “poised for elite level soccer,” graduate to the U7 “pre-travel” program. Parents, visions of scholarships dancing in their heads, enable this by paying for private coaching and year-round travel.

Children are playing sports in too structured a manner too early in life on adult-size fields — i.e.,…  Seguir leyendo »

The Russian men’s ski jump coach offered a chilly welcome to the athletes who will be competing in the debut of the women’s event at the Winter Olympics on Tuesday. “I’m not a fan of women’s ski jumping,” Alexander Arefyev told the newspaper Izvestia. “It’s a pretty difficult sport with a high risk of injury. If a man gets a serious injury, it’s still not fatal, but for women it could end much more seriously.” For good measure, Arefyev added: “Women have another purpose — to have children, to do housework, to create hearth and home.”

As jarring as that sounds in 2014, it is that sort of thinking about sex differences and athletic performance that helped keep women’s ski jump out of the Olympics until this year.…  Seguir leyendo »