David Hirst

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The Baghdad newspaper Sabah published a surprising article a few weeks ago. Its editor, Abd Jabbar Shabbout, suggested it was time to settle the «age-old problem» between Iraq’s Arabs and Kurds by establishing a «Kurdish state.» Never before had I heard such a once-heretical view so publicly expressed in any Arab quarter. And this was no ordinary quarter: Sabah is the mouthpiece of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki. Shabbout went on to suggest a negotiated «ending of the Arab-Kurdish partnership in a peaceful way.»

He called his proposal Plan B, Plan A being the «dialogue» between Iraq’s central government and the Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq that emerged after the fall of Saddam Hussein.…  Seguir leyendo »

It is almost a cliche by now: the inferno in Syria will eventually spread to its neighbours. It’s already happening for some of them. The car bomb that killed Wissam Hassan, the Lebanese intelligence chief, and the sharpening of tensions it produced, was the most recent, dramatic illustration of it. Turkey’s far-reaching support for the Syrian opposition has bred retaliation from President Assad in the form of renewed support for the PKK, the separatist Kurdish militants, who are on the warpath again. As for Iraq, it becomes ever clearer that the «Syrian crisis» – a full-scale civil war – and its own «crisis» – involving endemic tensions among Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites that fall short of that but constantly seem to threaten it – are intimately bound up with each other..…  Seguir leyendo »