David Hume Kennerly

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Soldiers tried to help a woman, her two children and a family friend after they were hit by Russian shelling in Kyiv, but all died. Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

The following images depict graphic violence.

A couple of weeks ago I came across the graphic images of bodies littering the landscape in Bucha, Ukraine, a suburb a few miles west of Kyiv. Bucha was the latest example of Russia’s barbarity in this war, but one of the first things I thought of was Jonestown.

In November 1978, Time magazine sent me to that remote settlement in Guyana to check reports that Representative Leo Ryan, a California Democrat, had been killed there while investigating allegations that a group, a cult really, called the People’s Temple was holding people against their will.…  Seguir leyendo »

I took this photograph of President Gerald Ford in the White House Cabinet Room on May 14, 1975, as he met with his National Security Council about the Mayagüez crisis. The cargo ship Mayagüez had been captured by Khmer Rouge rebels, and it was up to the president to try to get the American crew released safely.

After diplomacy failed, Mr. Ford, who had been president for nine months, waved off one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s recommendations, which involved a B-52 strike on Phnom Penh, and instead ordered a strong but limited military action that ultimately secured the crew’s freedom.…  Seguir leyendo »