David Rowan

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How Orwell would have delighted in satirising today’s tech titans’ perpetual war. Remember when Apple v Microsoft was the defining Oceania v Eurasia battle for supremacy? If so you’re experiencing a doubleplusungood false memory: both are now unimpeachable allies, working to replace Google with Bing as the iPhone’s default search provider. Likewise, you would simply be mistaken to recall Google’s chequebook-wielding flirtation with Facebook three years ago.

Google and Facebook, as every goodthinker knows, are dangerously implacable enemies.

That war entered a venomous new stage last week, when the internet’s biggest search company announced that it had also become a Facebook-style social network.…  Seguir leyendo »

A funky new boardgame is doing the geek rounds – you can easily find it by Googling. It is called Googolopoly, and, just as with traditional Monopoly, you move round the board in single-minded pursuit of global domination. Land on the Yahoo! or Microsoft squares, for instance, and for just 350 Google shares, each is yours to entrap any subsequent visitors; but find yourself on “Income Tax”, and you’ll drop 10 per cent of your entire fortune on government lobbyists to defend your avaricious predations. The winner, of course, is the first player “to organise all the world’s information” – everything from personal health records to flirtatious phone messages, all stored for ever in a vast unregulated data bank.…  Seguir leyendo »