David S. Broder

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Just shy of eight years after they squared off in the Florida recount battle, James A. Baker III and Warren Christopher have joined forces to clean up one of the ugly legacies of Vietnam — the misguided piece of legislation called the War Powers Act.

Passed in 1973, when Congress was mightily frustrated with the undeclared war in Southeast Asia, that statute is proof of the adage that hard cases make bad law. Cases don’t come any harder than Vietnam, and the War Powers Act has turned out to be one of the worst bills ever to reach the president’s desk and be signed into law.…  Seguir leyendo »

When Gen. David Petraeus came to The Post on Friday, he had already answered hundreds of questions in two days of hearings before the House and Senate about his assignment as commander of coalition forces in Iraq.

But he had not really responded to the comments that Sen. Richard Lugar made at the start of the Foreign Relations Committee hearings with the general and Ambassador Ryan Crocker.

The Indiana Republican, one of the real wise men of foreign policy and an ally of the Bush administration, had distilled the committee’s previous week of testimony from experts on the Middle East into five «premises» that he said should guide discussions on future U.S.…  Seguir leyendo »