Dawn Foster

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What happens when “historic” defeats become commonplace?

Yet again, Prime Minister Theresa May has dragged her Brexit plan in front of the House of Commons. Yet again, she has been “historically” defeated: 242 votes for it, 391 against.

When it comes to Brexit, the only issue that has occupied her since she took office in July 2016, Mrs. May is completely and utterly powerless. And yet her most dangerous enemy is not an obstinate European Union or even the opposition Labour Party but the fanatical right wing of her own Conservative Party. Her most vicious detractors sit behind her during votes in Parliament and then tour television and radio studios merrily denouncing her the rest of the time.…  Seguir leyendo » “How Many Defeats Can Britain Take?”

If it hadn’t been Ramadan, even more people would have died, firefighters told me on the scene at Grenfell Tower, the apartment building in West London that went up in flames on June 14 and is believed to have left more than 80 people dead.

The building had a high number of Muslim residents, and when the fire began, in the early morning hours, many people were returning from prayers or were awake, breaking their fast, and were able to raise the alarm. None of the survivors I spoke to, or saw interviewed in the media, had heard a fire alarm: Instead they were woken by smoke, screams or their neighbors hammering on doors to wake them before escaping themselves.…  Seguir leyendo » “Would a White British Community Have Burned in Grenfell Tower?”