Doris Akrap

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‘German Wilkommenskultur (welcome culture) survived largely unscathed, caring for refugees and teaching freedom and democracy.’ Photograph: Felix Huesmann/Demotix/Corbis

We still do not know exactly what went on at Cologne’s central station on New Year’s Eve. Police have recorded 379 allegations of violence, 40% of them sexual assaults, with two reports of rape. They have identified 31 suspects, who include at least two Germans, a Serb, an American and 18 asylum seekers from the Middle East and north Africa.

That’s all we know for sure. But the public still hasn’t recovered from the headlines last Monday saying that a crowd of 1,000 refugees had mobbed German women. Since then, some of us have been searching for a source whose testimony we can trust.…  Seguir leyendo »