Elizabeth Isele

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The Watson robot is displayed at the IBM stand at a digital technology trade fair in Hanover, Germany. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

More and more technology and digital services are built upon, and driven, by AI and machine learning. But as we are beginning to see, these programmes are starting to replicate the biases which are fed into them, notably biases around gender. It is therefore imperative that the machine learning process is managed from input to output – including data, algorithms, models, training, testing and predictions – to assure that this bias is not perpetuated.

Bahar Gholipour notes this bias as AI’s so-called ‘black box’ problem — our inability to see the inside of an algorithm and therefore understand how it arrives at a decision.…  Seguir leyendo »

How Older Female Entrepreneurs Boost Rural Communities

One of the best kept secrets in economic development is the power of older, rural women entrepreneurs to boost social and economic prosperity, locally and globally. The lack of recognition is due, in no small part, to the pervasive negative perception of ageing.

When governments confront the global ageing phenomenon, they are often overwhelmed by the challenges, especially the cost, of the healthcare, pensions, welfare and other social programs needed to support demographic projections. But thinking about older generations primarily as a liability obscures how much they can be an asset.

First and foremost, senior entrepreneurship is not an oxymoron. Research from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows that, contrary to the traditional perception that entrepreneurship is a young person’s endeavour, the highest rate of business start-up activity globally over the past decade has been among people aged 55–64.…  Seguir leyendo »