Emma DeSouza

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A school in Northern Ireland. ‘The first barrier is that people who don’t choose history don’t receive any education on the Troubles; the second is that if they do choose it, there’s a large minority of schools that do not teach the Troubles module.’ Photograph: David Jones/PA

In 1998, there were children as young as 11 reading the full text of the Good Friday agreement in class, such was the unbridled excitement about the opportunity it represented to shape a better future. One might have expected that the globally revered peace agreement responsible for ending Northern Ireland’s 30-year conflict would become a permanent fixture in the curriculum, especially given the living document’s direct and tangible impact on the lives of young people today. At only 36 pages, it is tantalisingly accessible – although “not like a novel”, as Dominic Raab pointed out, when the Northern Ireland affairs committee asked if he had read it in its entirety.…  Seguir leyendo »