Erik Augustin Palm

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A sign outside a pub in Stockholm, 26 March 2020: ‘The weight of opinion laid emphasis on the view that Sweden was doing the right thing by refusing to engage in a mass lockdown.’ Photograph: Colm Fulton/Reuters

“Haverist” is a Swedish word meaning “shipwrecked person”. During the course of Sweden’s shambolic response to Covid-19, dissent – whether from epidemiologists or journalists – has often been met with this insult, which implies the critics are fighting a losing battle. It’s telling of the way Sweden has handled its failure.

Through a uniquely slack approach (seen by many as the largely debunked “herd immunity” approach, even if the government denies this), Sweden reached the highest Covid-19 deaths per capita in the world in May. It still circles around the top, with more than 5,200 deaths – five times as many as in Norway, Finland and Denmark combined.…  Seguir leyendo »