Faisal Devji

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The conversion of Muslims to liberalism, secularism or atheism has become something of a meme in the West, with arguments raging among scholars, in the press and on social media about the possibility of Islam’s undergoing a “reformation” or becoming “modern,” for which the history of Christianity is supposed to provide a universal blueprint.

It is the almost religious tenor of such transformations that justifies the term “conversion” for them. The single-minded adoption of such profane identities may even be more theological than Muslim conversions to Christianity and other faiths, suggesting that they have now replaced churches and temples in representing religious forms of belief.…  Seguir leyendo »

Until recently, Pakistan’s most important internal threat was thought to be ethnic or regional, with “separatist” movements in Baluchistan, Sind or the North-West Frontier Province suspected of receiving support from neighbouring countries and crushed ruthlessly. After all, it was this kind of politics that had led to the disintegration of the country in the early 70s with the secession of East Pakistan and the birth of Bangladesh.

Unless they were Shia, however, and thus seen as proxies of Iran, religious forms of protest and even militancy were widely held to pose only a local and certainly not an existential threat for the country.…  Seguir leyendo »