Farah Samti

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A Tunisian boy cycles past street art in Erriadh, a village on the resort island of Djerba, south of Tunis in 2015. (Mosa’ab Elshamy/AP)

On Jan. 1, Tunisian police reportedly arrested four people in Tunis with marijuana in their car. Their arrests came almost exactly one year after Tunisia’s justice minister said the country was facing a crisis in its prison system, exacerbated in large part by the country’s harsh drug laws. These two events — and efforts to remove penalties for marijuana use — illustrate both the achievements of and obstacles to drug-sentencing reform amid broader efforts toward judicial and security-sector reform in post-revolutionary Tunisia.

Link between drug sentencing and prison overcrowding

In 1992, the Tunisian government enacted Law 52, which strengthened drug criminalization and imposed harsh mandatory prison sentences.…  Seguir leyendo »