Fu Ying

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The year 2011 will have a unique place in history for the dramatic changes in the global landscape and the world economy. The most frequently asked questions from my European colleagues are: “How does China see Europe?” “Where are China-EU relations going?”

Co-operation and partnership with Europe has been running through China’s foreign policy for decades. This commitment remains strong.

China-Europe relations have come a long way. In the mid-1970s China’s trade with the European Economic Community was a mere $2.5bn a year; with the 27-member EU it now totals $480bn a year. The EU has become China’s top trading partner and premier source of technology and investment.…  Seguir leyendo »

There is a popular song in China called “Xinjiang – an Adorable Land”, which gives an idyllic description of the grasslands stretching endlessly along the Tianshan mountains, cows and sheep grazing in peace, and the enticing fragrance of grapes and melons.

Xinjiang fascinates people from all over China and the world. Last year it was visited by 22 million tourists, including 360,000 from abroad. They are attracted by its history, its scenic beauty, and, most of all, its diverse culture and warm, hospitable people, who sing, dance, and treat visitors like old friends.

Xinjiang was an important passage for the ancient Silk Road, where people of many ethnic groups travelled, lived and traded for centuries.…  Seguir leyendo »