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Santiago Abascal, leader of the Vox party, waves at a rally in Madrid on Jan. 12 protesting the new coalition government of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. (Jon Nazca/Reuters)

Two Spanish factions — the far left, whose agenda includes cultural aggression, and Catalonia’s secessionists — are playing with fire. Santiago Abascal is the fire.

His party’s name — Vox (Voice) — proclaims that it exists to speak for those who think their beliefs have become not just embattled but unutterable. Those beliefs — about nationalism, marriage, immigration, schooling and even bullfighting and hunting — have lost ground in the democratic competition of Spain’s rowdy marketplace of ideas. This does not assuage their sense of grievance because they think the public forum unfairly privileges other voices. Sound familiar, America?

Vox is a counteroffensive that probably will, and perhaps should, mostly fail in cultural matters.…  Seguir leyendo »

With the totalitarians’ talent for invective and the Leninist faith that “history” has a Marxist mind of its own, a Beijing-run “news” agency dismissed Taiwan’s presidential election results as “a temporary fluke” and “bubbles left behind by the tides of history.” Actually, this election, just 48 days after Hong Kong’s resounding repudiation of Beijing in November voting, is another boulder in a growing avalanche of evidence, from the islands of Hong Kong and Taiwan to Central Europe, that China need not be accommodated.

The landslide reelection of President Tsai Ing-wen happened despite Beijing’s strenuously expressed objections, economic pressures (e.g., refusing visas to tourists wanting to visit Taiwan, where tourism produces more than 4 percent of gross domestic product), military intimidation (last year, Beijing’s fighter jets crossed the median line in the Taiwan Strait for the first time in two decades), and surreptitious but flagrant electoral interference.…  Seguir leyendo »

The poet Rupert Brooke voiced the exhilaration of those Britons who welcomed the war in 1914 as a chance to escape monotonous normality, “as swimmers into cleanness leaping.” They got four years mired in Flanders’s mud. In a 2016 referendum, Britons voted, 52 percent to 48 percent, for the exhilaration of emancipation from the European Union’s gray bureaucratic conformities. They thereby leaped into a quagmire of negotiations with an E.U. determined to make separation sufficiently painful to discourage other nations from considering it.

On Tuesday, Parliament emphatically rejected the terms of separation that Prime Minister Theresa May negotiated with the E.U.…  Seguir leyendo »

In my country, the people can do as they like, although it often happens that they don’t like what they have done.”  — Winston Churchill, 1946

During the Second World War, as U.S. power was eclipsing Britain’s, Harold Macmillan, a future prime minister, reportedly said, “These Americans represent the new Roman Empire and we Britons, like the Greeks of old, must teach them how to make it go.” Today, Britain’s Brexit agonies — its 2½ -year struggle to disentangle itself from the European Union — indicate that the Founders could teach 21st-century Britain something: Direct democracy is dangerous because public sentiments need to be refined by filtration through deliberative institutions.…  Seguir leyendo »

Armin-Paulus Hampel, a former journalist and commentator who now is a member of the Bundestag, is ebullient, affable, opinionated, voluble and excellent company at lunch. But because his party is Alternative for Germany (AfD), one wonders whether he is representative of it, and whether he is as congenial politically as he is socially.

AfD is a Rorschach test for observers of German politics, who see in it either a recrudescence of ominous national tendencies or a healthy response of the political market to unaddressed anxieties. It was founded in 2013, two years before Chancellor Angela Merkel impulsively decided to welcome almost 1 million asylum seekers, most from the Middle East.…  Seguir leyendo »

In one of contemporary history’s intriguing caroms, European politics just now is a story of how one decision by a pastor’s dutiful daughter has made life miserable for a vicar’s dutiful daughter. Two of the world’s most important conservative parties are involved in an unintended tutorial on a cardinal tenet of conservatism, the law of unintended consequences, which is that the unintended consequences of decisions in complex social situations are often larger than, and contrary to, those intended.

In 2015, Angela Merkel, the Federal Republic of Germany’s first chancellor from what was East Germany, chose to welcome into Germany about 1 million people — many of them Syrians — fleeing Middle Eastern carnage.…  Seguir leyendo »

Las personas inteligentes convienen en que, en ausencia de medidas radicales contra el calentamiento global, la raza humana está condenada. Esa es una sentencia tautológica porque aquellos que discrepan son, por definición, idiotas. Según el inteligente primer ministro de Gran Bretaña, Gordon Brown, la Humanidad dispone sólo de alrededor de 30 días para salvarse. Y es que afirma que, a menos que se alcance un acuerdo decisivo en la cumbre sobre cambio climático que se inaugura el 7 de diciembre en Copenhague, todo está perdido.

Así que todo está perdido. Las probabilidades de alcanzar un acuerdo integral y vinculante son más o menos de cero.…  Seguir leyendo »

«Ayer», reza el correo electrónico de Allen, un marine destacado en Afganistán, «Doné sangre porque otro soldado, mientras estaba de patrulla, pisó el detonador (de una mina) y perdió ambas piernas». Después «fue ingresado otro compañero con una herida de bala en la cabeza. Ambos fallecieron esta mañana».

«Siento el drama», escribe Allen, un entusiasta soldado de infantería dispuesto a morir «para que cada uno de vosotros podáis envejecer». Dice en su e-mail: «Yo he puesto todo en manos de Dios». Y concluye con un «Semper Fidelis».

Allen y otros miles de jóvenes americanos, parte imprescindible del futuro de este país, también están en manos de Washington.…  Seguir leyendo »

Unfortunately, China’s president had to dash home to suppress ethnic riots. Had he stayed in Italy at the recent Group of Eight summit, he could have continued the Herculean task of disabusing Barack Obama of his amazingly durable belief, shared by the U.S. Congress, that China — and India, Brazil, Mexico and other developing nations — will sacrifice their modernization on the altar of climate change. China has a more pressing agenda, and not even suppressing riots tops the list.

China made this clear in June, when its vice premier said, opaquely, that China will «actively» participate in climate change talks on a basis of «common but differentiated responsibility.»…  Seguir leyendo »

El fallecimiento del ex secretario de Defensa de EEUU, Robert McNamara, a los 93 años de edad, no supone tanto la débil reverberación de una época que se cierra como un recordatorio de que las mentalidades son el rasgo definitorio de cada era, y de que ciertas mentalidades estadounidenses se repiten con regularidad metronómica.

McNamara llegó a Washington desde el próspero Detroit para convertirse en secretario de Defensa del presidente John Kennedy. Dirigía la Ford cuando los fanfarrones fabricantes de automóviles de EEUU disfrutaban de un porcentaje del mercado mundial del 90%. Confiado, en apariencia, en que gestionar la competencia entre distintas naciones podía ser tan metódico como hacerlo con los tres gigantes del sector del automóvil, McNamara ingresó en la Administración siete meses antes del nacimiento del actual presidente Obama, actual propietario y mecánico seguro de General Motors.…  Seguir leyendo »

Police Chief Jack Harris, a solid block of a man with a shock of thick gray hair, is stolid and patient, but there are limits. Clearly he is weary of explaining that this is one of America’s safest large cities, with declining rates of violent crime and property crime, even though it has one of the nation’s highest rates of home foreclosures. Unfortunately, there are the kidnappings.

There were 368 reported kidnappings for ransom here last year — perhaps more than anywhere else, other than Mexico City, where kidnapping is such a long-established industry that the wealthy sometimes buy kidnap insurance.…  Seguir leyendo »

Dudando de que a su editor le gustara el manuscrito de Los Miserables, Victor Hugo le envió una nota concisa: «?». Su editor respondió igual de concisamente: «!». Esa fue la respuesta de la nación al discurso de investidura de Barack Obama, aunque -o quizá porque- uno de sus temas, delicadamente insinuado, fue que los estadounidenses no sólo tienen un problema, ellos son un problema.

«Ha llegado el momento», decía enfáticamente, «de dejar de lado los actos de inmadurez». Actos, probablemente, como la indisciplina pandémica que ha dado lugar a una nación de hogares tan endeudados como el Gobierno al que los hogares exigen con insistencia más bienes y servicios de los que están dispuestos a pagar.…  Seguir leyendo »