George Monbiot

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Please don’t read this unless you are feeling strong. This is a list of 13 major crises that, I believe, confront us. There may be more. Please feel free to add to it or to knock it down. I’m sorry to say that it’s not happy reading.

1. Donald Trump

The next occupant of the White House will be a man who appears to possess no capacity for restraint, balance or empathy, but a bottomless capacity for revenge and vindictiveness. He has been granted a clean sweep of power, with both houses and the supreme court in his pocket. He is surrounding himself with people whose judgment and knowledge of the world are, to say the least, limited.…  Seguir leyendo »

El desastre nuclear de Japón tendría una influencia mucho mayor si hubiera alternativas energéticas menos dañinas. Pero por ahora, la energía atómica es más segura que el carbón.

Nadie se sorprenderá de oír que los sucesos del país nipón han cambiado mi punto de vista sobre la energía nuclear. De lo que se sorprenderá será de saber en qué sentido lo han modificado. Como resultado del desastre de Fukushima, yo ya no soy neutral en el tema nuclear. Ahora esa tecnología cuenta con mi apoyo.

Una vieja central de lo más chunga, con unas medidas deficientes de seguridad, se ha visto afectada por un terremoto monstruoso y un tsunami inmenso.…  Seguir leyendo »

It looked like the first drop of rain in the desert of drugs policy. Last week Antonio Maria Costa, the executive director of the UN office on drugs and crime, said what millions of liberal-minded people have been waiting to hear. “Law enforcement should shift its focus from drug users to drug traffickers … people who take drugs need medical help, not criminal retribution.” Drug production should remain illegal, possession and use should be decriminalised. Guardian readers toasted him with bumpers of peppermint tea, and, perhaps, a celebratory spliff. I didn’t.

I believe that informed adults should be allowed to inflict whatever suffering they wish – on themselves.…  Seguir leyendo »

By George Monbiot (THE GUARDIAN, 17/06/08):

We shouldn’t be surprised to hear that George Bush dined with a group of historians on Sunday night. The president has spent much of his second term pleading with history. But however hard he lobbies the gatekeepers of memory, he will surely be judged the worst president the United States has ever had.

Even if historians were somehow to forget the illegal war, the mangling of international law, the trashing of the environment and social welfare, the banking crisis, and the transfer of wealth from rich to poor, one image is stamped indelibly on this presidency: the trussed automatons in orange jumpsuits.…  Seguir leyendo »