Gilad Erdan

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Israel has increased security in Jerusalem in the past days. Photograph: Jim Hollander/EPA

What could be more innocent than a young child on a bicycle? Surely any child should be safe to cycle down the road in his home town. Any parent in the world would demand that basic security for their child.

So put yourselves in the shoes of the parents of the 13-year-old Israeli boy who on Monday was riding his bike when he was suddenly set upon by two Palestinian boys – one 17, the other also 13. They stabbed him, leaving him critically wounded.

The current horror for my country is that attacks such as this are a regular occurrence.…  Seguir leyendo »

No shortcuts to Middle East peace

Western pressure on Israel and praise for Palestine only delays resolution

The West appears to be losing patience for the Arab-Israeli conflict. Some are looking for shortcuts, including many undoubtedly well-intentioned British members of Parliament who recently called for the recognition of Palestine as a state. At the same time, many in the West are escalating their critical rhetoric against Israel, and regrettably, against Israel alone.

Perhaps this focus is understandable. Israel is rightfully seen (and sees itself) as part of the West, as the only democratic “responsible adult” in the area. The Palestinians are seen as children — guiltless and unaccountable — at once victims of and heirs to the Arab world’s tradition of political irresponsibility.…  Seguir leyendo »