Hannah Murphy

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The rising threat to democracy of AI-powered disinformation

Two days before the Slovakian election in September, a mysterious recording went viral on social media. In it, liberal opposition candidate Michal Šimečka could apparently be heard plotting with a journalist to buy votes and rig the result.

“It will be done in a way that nobody can accuse you of taking bribes”, Šimečka purportedly says on the audio, according to a transcript of the conversation that also circulated at the time. “Be careful, there are many people around, don’t use the B word”, the journalist replies.

The most explosive thing about the recording was that it was fake — a sophisticated hoax created by artificial intelligence, said fact-checkers, citing indicators such as unnatural diction and atypical pauses.…  Seguir leyendo »

Will the crypto crash derail the next web revolution?

Ethan Buchman, co-founder of blockchain network Cosmos, is doing his best to sound stoic. Since January, the collapse in cryptocurrency prices has wiped 80 per cent off the value of the atom tokens that underpin Cosmos, slicing $10bn from their total worth.

“Some people get shaken out, some people get scared”, Buchman says of the price collapse in the tokens, which are used to secure the network. “But others see it as an opportunity to double down on what they believe in”.

“It is always a scary moment for everybody [when markets crash]”, adds Joseph Lau, co-founder of another blockchain company, Alchemy.…  Seguir leyendo »