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Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images. Times Square, Manhattan, March 17, 2020

NEW YORK City—How do you tell New Yorkers to forget about the culture and booze and laughter and food and people that make this city worth living in, and go back to their tiny, overpriced apartments and stay there, alone? Some wind or snow would help, but last Saturday there was nothing but vague warnings from politicians that we should keep a safe distance from one another, which sounds like advice from someone who has never been to New York.

“I’m waiting for the government to tell me I should be more concerned,” one woman standing outside of a bar told me that night.…  Seguir leyendo »

Just as the pound was reaching its peak, Iain Duncan Smith said: “Turnout in the council estates is very high.” It was about quarter past ten. When he added a few minutes later that he’d been in politics for 24 years and couldn’t remember seeing an equivalent council-estate turnout before, David Dimbleby wondered about its significance: was it good news for the Brexit campaign? Duncan Smith said piously that he couldn’t possibly say, but we knew that he thought it was. By midnight, the pound had begun its fall.

My wife and I grew up on council estates – small, well-gardened ones, a hundred miles from each other across the border of Scotland and England.…  Seguir leyendo »

Madeleine McCann lleva ya 138 días en paradero desconocido; el pequeño Charles Augustus Lindbergh estuvo desaparecido durante 72. A los lectores del Daily Express de Londres se les ha invitado a lo largo de esta semana a responder a la pregunta «¿Están involucrados los padres de Madeleine en su muerte?», por teléfono o mediante un mensaje de texto, con un Sí o un No (adviértase que en la pregunta se habla de muerte, no de desaparición). Y es por primera vez se han mencionado las palabras «hiperactiva» y «revoltosa» en relación con la niña desaparecida. Algunos periódicos han informado de que la policía portuguesa está empeñada a toda costa en hacerse con el muñeco de peluche de la niña, Cuddle Cat, del que ahora no se separa su madre en ningún momento.…  Seguir leyendo »

Madeleine McCann has been missing for 135 days; Charles Augustus Lindbergh was missing for 72. This week readers of the Daily Express were invited to respond to the question "Were Madeleine's parents involved in her death?" by phoning or texting Yes or No (25p plus network operator rates - and "death", note, not disappearance). For the first time, the words "hyperactive" and "unruly" have been connected to the vanished child. Some papers report that her soft toy, Cuddle Cat, now in her mother's possession, is badly wanted by the Portuguese police. Others report that what the police need to see more of is Kate McCann's diary.…  Seguir leyendo »

When the Olympics last came to London, in 1948, their advertisements showed an easily understood combination of the Olympic rings, Big Ben and an ancient statue of a Greek discus thrower (a Roman marble copy of the original Greek bronze, which was and is still one of the British Museum's most prized possessions).

The games were an event rather than a brand. "Logo" existed only as a prefix in the Shorter Oxford: "logocracy, a community or system of government in which words are the ruling powers ... logotype, a type containing a word, or two or more letters, cast in one piece."…  Seguir leyendo »