Ilham Ahmed

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A vigil honoring Anna Campbell in her hometown, Lewes, East Sussex, England. Ms. Campbell died fighting with a Kurdish armed unit in Syria. Credit Gareth Fuller/Press Association Images, via Getty Images

A few days before Anna Campbell was killed in Syria by a Turkish missile on March 15, she called my office in Raqqa. Anna, a 26-year-old British feminist who had come to my country in May 2017 to fight alongside Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria, was begging to go to Afrin, a Kurdish-controlled city that Turkish forces were on the verge of seizing after a brutal two-month offensive.

Her military commanders in the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units — the all-female army known as the Y.P.J. — were not allowing her to go, arguing that a Western woman would be a particular target for Turkey and the radical jihadist groups it is backing.…  Seguir leyendo »