Ioan Lewis

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The escalating war for control of what is left of Somalia, between the al-Shabab extremists and the African Union puppet “transitional federal government”, offers little hope of peaceful resolution. Al-Shabab is now deeply entrenched and, with the help of foreign jihadists, virtually controls all southern Somalia.

However contentious, their viciously anti-feminist interpretation of fundamentalist Islam brooks no opposition and is consequently far from popular, even outlawing watching sports contests and football on television. More significantly, it also strikes at the roots of traditional Sufi Somali Islam with its cults of local and international, saints whose graves are now regularly desecrated. This is very much in the uncompromising spirit of Salafi Saudi Arabia which serves as al-Shabab’s model of correct Muslim behaviour and, more importantly, provides the money that feeds its Somali enthusiasts.…  Seguir leyendo »