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Algunos manifestantes exigieron ser contados en el censo para el año 2020 frente a la Corte Suprema de Estados Unidos. Credit Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Estos días ha habido una turbulencia en la vida política de Estados Unidos: la inclusión de la pregunta sobre la ciudadanía en el censo de 2020 y cómo se hará. Parece que el presidente Donald Trump por fin aceptó la derrota después de que la Corte Suprema bloqueara la inclusión de esa pregunta el mes pasado.

Sin embargo, sin importar lo que ocurra a nivel federal, nosotros nos aseguraremos de que toda la población se cuente en los estados en donde gobernamos. Sabemos que las familias migrantes, aterradas ante las políticas del presidente, tienen miedo de abrir sus puertas porque ser vistas puede ponerlas en peligro.…  Seguir leyendo »

Why My State Won’t Close Its Doors to Syrian Refugees

Over the last week, a growing number of governors, representatives, senators and presidential candidates have demanded that America slam shut our borders to refugees who are fleeing unspeakable horrors at the hands of the Islamic State. On Thursday the House passed a bill containing impossibly onerous vetting procedures for new refugees from Syria.

The American character is being tested. Will we hew to our long tradition of being a beacon of hope for those chased from their homelands?

I have always believed that the United States is a place of refuge for those escaping persecution, starvation or other horrors that thankfully most in America will never experience.…  Seguir leyendo »

Yonathan Araya fills up a Payless car rental shuttle van at a Clean Energy Fuels station in Santa Ana. (Los Angeles Times)

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru, is wrapping up Friday after 12 days of negotiations on global carbon emissions.

Yet, even as we work through the complexities of an international agreement, it would be a mistake to miss the extensive change that's already taking place here on North America's Pacific Coast. Last year, our four governments — the states of California, Oregon and Washington and the Province of British Columbia — reached a landmark agreement to align climate and energy strategies for 54 million Americans and Canadians.

The Pacific Coast represents the world's fifth-largest economy, with a GDP of $2.8 trillion.…  Seguir leyendo »